Monday, March 26, 2012

"The Wedding" Cross Stitch Project

I’m a Stitcher. A Cross Stitcher that is.

Many years ago, I became hooked on stitching to occupy my time. My sister taught me to lay my first stitch on fabric and I carried on. My first projects were actually Petit Point where I created a Scottie Dog and Bull Dog. They still hang in my dining room to this day.
Petit Point Scotty Dog 
Petit Point Bull Dog 
And so began my love affair with stitching. Some finished, some not. Long ago I could stitch almost anywhere. At home, at work, in bus shelters. Petit Point is done with one half stitch on very tiny mesh fabric. Whereas Cross Stitch (or X-Stitch for short) as the name implies, is a small X with two stitches. I moved into X-Stitch as there were many more patterns and were much easier to create. 

I hadn't picked up a project for a couple of years but jumped back in last January with my current project, “The Wedding” (Lavendar and Lace). I plan to have it finished sometime this summer so we can have it framed before my daughter's wedding on October 6, 2012. Which means many nights I am stitching for hours.
The Wedding
Pattern by Lavendar & Lace
X-Stitch is an amazingly tranquil activity. Even if I get a stiff neck, sore shoulders and strained eyes.

But just like any other project in life I found myself procrastinating in actually starting. I knew the prep work that had to be done before I could put in the first stitch, like painting a room or beginning a reno. The prep work can sometimes be the hardest part of the job.

When I finally decided to tackle this pattern, I first had to find it somewhere in my house. That took a full day as it was buried in a box in the basement. Then I had to buy the fabric (I chose 32 count Lugana instead of the Linen they suggest). Then it was sorting through all my DMC embroidery floss and buying a few missing ones. Find the needles, the frame, the light, the magnifier, the glasses—all the preparation. Settle in a comfy chair and …

Find the middle of the pattern and mark with a piece of thread. Count to the place you want to start stitching, thread the right floss and finally the first stitch. All in all, it probably took me a week before that first stitch. And a bunch of removing many stitches where I had made mistakes.

You see I've also discovered that my eyes are not like they were 30 years ago and are very much showing their age. Not only do I need reading glasses but working on an intricate pattern now requires a magnifier and bright light. Last week my daughter brought me an Ottlight from Joanne’s Fabrics in the states.

Thank the Lord. I can now see the tiny little holes in the fabric and tiny little stitches.

For the first few stitching days, there isn’t much to get excited about but as the days go by, like magic an image begins to appear. It gets exciting as it grows. It starts to become real as the image pops off the fabric.

Here is how my project is progressing:

Groom starts to appear. January 2012 
The Bride takes her place beside her groom. 
The bouquet begins to appear. 
More of the dress takes shape and the bouquet is almost done. 

Here is my inspiration from another Cross Stitcher. I am changing the colours of the bows to purple to match the colours of the wedding, although we have decided to remove the flower girl.
My Inspiration
I'll be posting photos regularly as the Project continues. Wish me luck in getting all the stitches in place well before the actual wedding takes place. It's a work of art from my heart for my beautiful daughter and her new hubby.

If you want to learn more about Cross Stitch, try this link I found: Click on the How-To tab for some handy instructions.

Happy Stitching

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Lonicera said...

It's beautiful - except for the lower bunches of flowers on her dress, it looks like Princess Diana's wedding dress, doesn't it?

Darlin1 said...

Wow.....I'm impressed!

I wish you luck finishing it! I guess you are under the needle!


Linda Sherwood said...

Oh! I used to cross stitch, but it has been years. My girls claimed all of my thread for bracelet making.

I have unfinished projects around somewhere, and I really should start this again. I love how relaxing it is and seeing the results.

This wedding project is gorgeous, and I love the updated photos as the project progresses.

Jody V said...

I also used to cross stitch and NEVER finish anything! Your work is absolutely stunning. Your daughter will treasure that.


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