Monday, April 30, 2012

"The Wedding" Cross Stitch Project-April Update

It's been slow going with cross-stitching this past month. Travel, spring cleaning, work. But the Bride is progressing and the purple bows are starting to appear, one stitch at a time. The bows and flowers are tedious with multiple changes of threads. Once they are in place, the white and cream will go very fast. I also received the cream beads to accent the neckline and skirt.

Here is a link to the original post. These pictures show progression (most recent to oldest)
Bows are added.
More of the dress takes shape and the bouquet is almost done. 
The bouquet begins to appear. 
The Bride takes her place beside her groom. 

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Steph said...

it looks wonderful, Sandy!! I would go blind doing that. I used to love crossstich!

Beth Ann said...

Holy cow, Sandy! That is just gorgeous.

Jody V said...


It looks absolutely beautiful! You are an amazing cross stitcher!


mommykinz said...

Beautiful! I have to take breaks from work like that as I get bored with the same thing over and over.
Can't wait to see it finished.

Barbara said...

Sandy, that is absolutely beautiful..what an incredible keepsake.. Your daughter is so fortunate to have a wonderful mom like you!!

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