Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's the Summer Soltice and it's Hot Hot Hot

It's the longest day of the year. Or it will be at 7:09 pm tonight. As of tomorrow we will lose a second and the countdown to Christmas begins. My neighbour still has his Christmas lights up.

But it is HOT HOT HOT. The car said it was 37 C. As I pondered what that would be in Fahrenheit, I did a big da.... It's 98.6F. As a nurse we always took a patient's temperature and 37C/98.6F was normal.

Which means way up here in the great green north, it is hot.

And I don't really mind the heat. Sure I have air conditioning at home, at work and in the car. At work, I'm bundled in a sweater. But losing weight sure reset my thermostat. I guess all that stomach fat kept me unseasonably hot.

I think the rest will have to be bullets:
  • Stephanie from Dreams of Skinny... mentioned today that she wished she had been born in the mid 1950's. That me! And I do remember Kennedy, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Leave it to Beaver, walking to school. I don't really think I'm nostalgic about the 50's, 60's or 70's though. Except I'd be younger. She also said she is going to Disney. I am so jealous. Give Jacquie a big hug for me if you meet up with her.
  • My 2 week vacation starts this Friday night. Guess what my big plans are? First I'm visiting my BFF and we are taking down her above ground pool. Next Thursday, I have my final appointment to have my teeth redone. I'm having veneers, bridges, crowns put on all my teeth. Right now I have temporaries in and it is hard to chew. But I'll have a great smile! I really have an exciting life.
  • My daughter's wedding is in a little more than 3 months. She has everything, and I mean everything planned to a T. Spreadsheets galore. We just have to wait. I have my dress (I'll post a pic when I have it fitted). But have to find shoes. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE buying shoes. I know, I'm weird. OMG, I just realized I'll need a purse too! Here's the contender:
  • I am cross-stitching a bride for her and am about 9/16th done. I think. Maybe a bit over half done. A new picture of my progress will be posted at the end of the month.
  • Which leads to Canada day which is July 1st. I'm having a big party with my sister and her family. I've been pinning (on Pinterest) lots of ideas to celebrate.
  • I've been working hard in the backyard, trimming, cutting, moving plants. Redesigning. I just love gardening. Except when it is 37F.
  • I wish I had more time. I want to get some scrapbooking projects done and there is just no time between Nordic walking, cross-stitching, gardening and tearing down pools. And add in shoe shopping and this girl needs a vacay!
To keep cool, I've been trying out a few Frozen Pom-aritas but might move on to the Vodka Lemon Slush. Yummers
Frozen Vodka Lemon Slush.
Vodka Lemon Slush
That's it for now. Hope you are all keeping cool.


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Darlin1 said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy and having a lot of fun!

Yuuuuum Vodka Lemon Slush....


Dawnya said...

You are very busy Sandy. So what all goes on during Candad day? It sounds like a big party all around the country.

Lap Band Gal said...

OOOh! Yummy cocktails! Sounds like my kinda FUN :)

Steph said...

I pinned those Vodka Lemondae slush drinks just the other day! I will be sure to give Jacquie a big hug for you. It's probably a good thing I wasn't a housewife in my 30's in the 70's. All I'd do was shop, then I'd come home pop quaaludes and drink cocktails all day and sleep with the pool boy.

Beth Ann said...

My BFF is obsessed with Canada! It is so crazy because she hates cold weather, but she love it. Who doesn't love Canada? But she is a little overboard.

Anyway, I'm glad that you mentioned that July 1st is Canada Day because we are going to see Team USA play that day and I need to be prepared that she might be wearing her Aspiring Canadian shirt. Ha!

Lonicera said...

Some years ago I was introduced to the Brazilian Caipirinha cocktail, which sounds quite like your drink: lime juice, sugar and cachaça (cane spirit), with enough crushed ice to make your tongue go numb. Absolutely delicious. Mm, I wonder what it would be like to freeze...

Miguel de la Torre Padilla said...

Paso a visitar tu blog y me quedo como amigo, te felicito por tu empeño y sacrificio en este tu espacio, desde Jaen un saludo y feliz semana

The Re-up said...

Hey there! New blog for your girl, Dinnerland... find me at:
I missed posting and now will be getting back to it.

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