Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sharing a Secret—a new love in my life—Pinterest

The cat's out of the bag.

I’m a Pinner, meaning I go to blogs and websites and Pin stuff to my Pinterest boards. 

Here are My top Pins (they should link to the original website, but if not, click the link underneath):
I never would have thought I’d enjoy ‘Pinning’, I thought it was a gimmick. But in 4 short weeks it has led me to finding some wonderful websites and blogs to follow. These Pins allow you to link back to the website where you found something you liked instead of saving it in your favourites. 

Did you know...
You can clean water stains off stainless with a lemon? I found that trick two weeks ago and now I wander the house with my lemon, cleaning my taps. 

And I made THE best Lemony lemon bars in the world which most pinners are calling Lemon 'brownies' . But I made them. And ate them. Yummy! (see above link for recipe) 

I now have so many links to new websites and let me say, there are some great ones out there which show you how to do almost anything. Want to remove nail polish from a rug? How about finding inspiration to redecorate your bedroom. Or find some cool crafts for the kids this summer. Learn to knit and sew and make all sorts of gooey desserts. Decorate your backyard for a party. Find wedding inspiration. Get a good chuckle from a quote someone has posted. 

If you are inclined, click the Pinterest Button to the right and follow my pins. 

If you think you have something on your blog that you want people to pin, the instructions on how to add the button to Blogger are here. You can see my Pin it button at the bottom of this post. 

If you don’t have an account, you need to go to Initially I started following many of my friends from Facebook—Carm is a prolific pinner, as is Grace and Kristin and Angela and… oh so many others in this world. 

But be warned. 

You will find some wonderful stuff and some really weird stuff. I've already reported some porn and it is swiftly removed. 

Right now the fried pickle recipes are being pinned and re-pinned constantly. 

Haven't really gone for that recipe yet!

Pin It Now!

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