Monday, August 20, 2012

Just as Fun as Chicago

Barbara came to visit me on her way to a fishing camp way up in Northern Ontario and again on their way home last Saturday. And it was just like Chicago, minus 40 other girls.
Enjoying the Black Dog
K was with her too. What a sweetie. We laughed and talked. Drank a little wine (or maybe more than a little). Had a nice long dinner at the Black Dog restaurant in a village south of Ottawa, stopped in to play some slots (boy that girl brings luck to all around her), then hopped in the hot tub at home to talk some more.

They were off early on Sunday and I miss them already. Can't wait to make a trip to PA to visit.

Here is a pic of hubby and I at the restaurant:
Hubby was designated driver.
Just wanted to point out my new teeth. I love them so much. I had all my teeth covered with veneers, crowns and one bridge and have a final implant in September. I was so embarrassed with my yellow worn down teeth and am still getting used to smiling again.

One last photo. The servers at the restaurant were wearing these black feather hats. Barbara begged to have one so she could have her picture taken. And here she is.
Fascinator fit for a Queen
I can't make Chicago this year (daughter's wedding getting in the way!). But I want to tell everyone going to not be afraid or nervous. You will meet wonderful and life long friends along the way. Take lots and lots of pictures.

And keep blogging. It is amazing the people you will come to meet in this world.


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Ronnie said...

Oh... I'm so sad you won't be there this year. But so happy for your daughter! A glass or five will definitely be raised to Sandy! :)

Cheri said...

Well I don't know what your teeth were like before, but you certainly have a gorgeous smile now! And Barbara sure knows how to wear a black feather hat!!

Jacquie said...

Sandy you have a gorgeous smile girl! So happy for you getting in sone girlfriend time with miss Barb! She looks great as usual also!

Jen said...

Oh my! Your beautiful, happy faces made me cry some happy tears. Love you guys and miss you so much. It won't be the same without you both, but just know you'll be there in spirit. I think a phone call will be in order so we can all say Hi to you. Can't wait to see the photos from your daughters wedding.
Love you!

Beth Ann said...

I will miss seeing you in Chicago! :( Your teeth look beautiful!

Tina Johnston said...

Bot you are Barb are looking fab and I love love love the teeth.


Steph said...

The two of you look so wonderful. You will both be missed in Chicago, but I'm so glad the two of you were able to get together. I'm LOVIN' the new smile, although I thought your teeth were fine before. You are going to have such an amazing time at the wedding and you will definitely be toasted to in Chicago!!

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