Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Wedding

My daughter was married last Saturday, October 6th, 2012 and it was an exciting time. All went well. I know a few of you who follow me on Facebook have seen some of these pictures but I wanted to post a bit about the amazing day. It began with torrential rain and cleared for a beautiful sunny fall day in Ottawa.

But first my weight. Yeah, I finally broke a two year plateau. Can we all clap our hands together. I finally reached 167 pounds—48 pounds lost forever. When I first started the journey to lose weight, I made a list of things I wanted and included:
  • I will walk my daughter down the aisle in a beautiful Mother of the Bride dress. 
Well let me tell you, I was smashing! I couldn't believe the photos of me that day. The dress fit perfectly, my new teeth shone and my hair dresser and makeup artist made me beautiful. And yes, I am not shy. I am proud to say I am 58 years old. But I don't think you could guess that from this photo.
Ready for pictures.

Now here is a photo montage of the rest of the day.
Dad & Son ready (almost). Need a shot of Scotch first.
Wearing the family tartan.
Pictures were taken before the ceremony so the photographer, did the First Look picture. As the groom approached, he told my daughter to turn to the right. Whoops, he meant his right. I love this photo. My daughter looked gorgeous.
First Look: My daughter and her soon to be husband
Wedding Party in shades of plum.
I Do!
Relaxing before the I Do's.
Holding our Wedding Photo from 31 years ago.
Cake matched the wedding dress by the Cake Whisperer
Reception at the Museum of Nature.
120 bows were tied on the backs of those Chiavari chairs.
Waiting for the reception to begin.
My one insistence was candles. Lots and lots of candles.
Still can't believe this is me!
After the ceremony in the Queen's Gallery of the Museum, we munched appetizers and had a few drinks with the dinosaurs in the exhibit.
Dinosaurs were locked in the Gallery for Night Wedding at the Museum.
Since it was Thanksgiving in Canada, we chose to serve a turkey dinner. Yum. Later in the evening, out came the dessert buffet: pies and macarons (click to see my Pin for little french meringue cookies) along with apple cider, hot chocolate and of course wedding cake. No one was left hungry for sure. Lots of dancing and visiting and surprises. The sister of the groom travelled from Washington, DC and sang Ave Maria during the ceremony and also sang the song, "j’t’aime tout court"  for the first dance between the Bride and Groom. Such a beautiful voice. 

One special moment for my hubby and me. The groom's sister along with the DJ/musician sang "The Rose" by Bette Midler. That was the song we walked down the aisle to 31 years ago and was our "first dance" which we never got to dance. Until this night. A beautiful surprise that they arranged during dinner. I sobbed the entire time. Couldn't keep those tears in check. 
Our First Dance to "The Rose"
We made it to bed at 2:00 am only to rise early to host a brunch for family and friends on Sunday morning. I think I was a bit insane when I thought up that idea. But we ate pounds and pounds of bacon and sausage, eggs, meatballs, sweets and treats as well as most of the stuff on this table.
Lots of food (and Mimosas to wash it down).
It was a good time. 

The happy couple spent the last week on their honeymoon in New York City. May they live happily ever after.

Now to figure out how to be a grandmother. For those who don't know yet, my daughter is expecting in mid February. A little girl for my little girl. In the pictures above, she is 5 months pregnant and glowing. 

I have one last gift to give them. I will finish my cross-stitch project called "The Wedding" that is about 75% done. I had to slack off over the last month to get ready for the actual wedding, but I'll be back to it soon.

And last but not least, my wish to be smashing at my daughters wedding came true. So dream big and never give up!


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