Friday, February 22, 2013

“The Wedding” Cross Stitch Project

Finally an update. The wedding came and went last October 6th. I knew by mid September I would never finish my cross-stitch project by then so put it away. I’ve been reminded a couple of times since and am ready to get ‘er done.

I estimate that the piece is about 75% done. I still need to finish the train of the dress, fill in the shading stitches, put on the beadwork, veil and finishing touches. From the last update, I finished the flowers, some of the train and ruffle around the bottom. Here is the latest picture. As far as I got last September 2012. But it was always going to be a work in progress.
Ruffle-September 2012
I had a few questions by e-mail and will post the answers here for others to see:

Rachel asked: “What colour and texture of the fabric did you use.” 
A: 32 count Lugana in Antique White. Ivory would also work well. Stitching is done over two squares. (Pattern suggests 32 Count Antique Green or Natural Linen)

Dinny asked: “Please tell me the number of squares for the bride from top to bottom.”
A: The Stitch count is 228 x 301 (h x w). The Bride is 22 squares from top to bottom (220 stitches). The groom adds another block of 10 stitches.

Here also are the colour conversions for the Grooms hair which I changed from Blond to Dark Brown
Blond Hair
Brown Hair
DMC 3047
DMC 435
DMC 3046
DMC 434
DMC 3045
DMC 433
DMC 420
DMC 898
DMC 801
DMC 801

Here also are the colour conversions for the purple bows (original pattern had blue bows).

Blue Bows
Purple Bows
DMC 931
DMC 3740
DMC 932
DMC 3041
DMC 3753
DMC 3042
DMC 3756
DMC 3743

Here is a link to the last update (July 2012). These pictures show progression (most recent to oldest):
Bows done-July 2012
Bows are added.
More of the dress takes shape and the bouquet is almost done. 
The bouquet begins to appear. 
The Bride takes her place beside her groom. 
Back to Stitching!

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Jody V said...

Sandy....this is absolutely beautiful! I envy you being able to complete something like this. I never stay with my projects. Your daughter will treasure this the rest of her life.


Cheri said...

Just beautiful. I love how you chose to change the hair color and the bows to suit your own preferences. :-) I've never thought of doing that before!

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