Friday, June 21, 2013

Travels With My Family

Woo Hoo. The weather is finally warm and sunny. Today is the longest day. The sun will set around 10:00 tonight and then the days will gradually shorten. Must celebrate!

Most of the time I am on my iPad and just realized I can actually create a post right here and now. Ok, don't judge. I'm quite technically inclined but really thought I had to use my computer :-( You know the good ol' Bill Gate's windows had me hypnotized.

I've been travelling. At the end of May, spent a fantastic week with my grandbaby, daughter and her hubby in Phoenix, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. My DH came along too. I sorta, kinda forgot what it is like to have a 3 months old around. She basically controlled our trip (in a wonderful way). We would start driving in the morning when she napped. Pulled over when she needed to feed and basically had us all wrapped around her little finger. Loved (almost) every minute. The hour of screaming while I babysat one night was interesting. Ended up holding her for two hours when she FINALLY fell asleep. Was afraid she'd wake if I put her down. But there is nothing better than snuggling with a little baby.

Here we are at Salsa Brava in Flagstaff. 3 Generations.

We stayed at the MGM in Vegas and had the breakfast buffet. It was excellent although I only ate a tiny bit. It was one of the things I wanted to do though. Also saw a Cirque de Soleil show at the Bellagio. Funny but we ate dinner at the Bellagio and I ordered Meatloaf with Mushroom sauce. Yummy. But really, meatloaf? It was actually amazing. 

The heat just sapped my appetite and with all the walking I was down 5 pounds on arriving home and have lost another 3. Seems to be the same every year. Gain 10 pounds over the winter and lose it again each summer. At least I'm staying steady and approaching that magical 50 pounds lost. So close. For so many years just a few pounds shy of reaching that goal.

Life is good. In the throes of planning our trip to Ireland this September. Lots of walking and trekking. Going to get my new hiking shoes this weekend. That are so light. Can't wait to break them in.

And I will get back to finish my cross-stitch of "The Wedding". Have promised my daughter to have it done for her first anniversary. October 6th. But right now the wine is calling.


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speck said...

First of all, I hear your enjoyment with the new baby. That is awesome and I'm happy for you.

By the way Sandy, I love your picture at the top of your blog!

I can SO relate to being in the low 170's(160's for you) and then going back up to the 180's to only start all over again! It makes me want to say bad words just having to acknowledge it again.

But like you said, at least the band is helping.

I enjoyed reading your post. Have a great summer.


Cheri said...

What an absolutely beautiful picture of all three of you!

Sounds like a great trip, and congratulations on your weight loss. The trip to Ireland sounds wonderful!!

Darlin1 said...

LOVE the picture of you three.....look how SKINNY you look!!

Flying does the same to me soon as I have a little wine it soothes the's good and bad. At least there are few side acid reflux!

I get to see my grandbaby Aug. We just found out a few weeks ago that our DIL is expecting again in Nov-Dec.........SO COOL!

Our youngest son just graduated from college and has moved home . He just found a job and will probably be here for a while. It's good -bad-and different! I can relate to Judi...ism's a lot ;-)

Enjoy your summer....XO

Beth Ann said...

I LOVE babies! But only when I can give them back. :)

Love the picture!

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