Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Birthday Fun and Am I Really That Old?

My birthday was March 15th, the Ides of March. I turned 60.

But I don’t feel 60. I remember when I was young(er) that someone who was 60 was OLD. I really don’t know how 60 is supposed to feel these days. Just as I didn't know how 30 or 40 or 50 was supposed to feel. Sure there are a few aches and pains but generally I’m in good health, eat well (most of the time), travel and keep active.

Having a birthday in March sucks. It's almost always cold, snowy and dreary. So I planned a birthday weekend. Had my hair cut and coloured. My youngest sister visited from Toronto and along with my older sister, niece and daughter here in Ottawa went for tea at the Chateau Laurier. Here are some pictures from the day.
Selecting our tea at the Chateau Laurier.
I skipped the sparkling wine.
Our steeped loose tea arrived and shortly afterwards three tiered plates of scones (with Devonshire Cream & Jam), finger sandwiches and sweets, one for each of us.
Posing with one of my sisters.
Finger sandwiches. Two biters.
Yummy sweets
The tea was fun. At another table was a group of women spanning the generations from 8 to 80 with their fancy hats and fascinators. It was decided then and there that when I turn 80, in twenty years, we would again get together for afternoon tea at the Chateau, this time with our granddaughters who would be in their twenties.

Hubby gave me a lovely Pandora charm for my bracelet—a gold bouquet of diamonds. 
And on March 16th, we girls had manicures and pedicures. Just a bit of pampering to celebrate a milestone. I also watched as my Retirement countdown calendar (to the right) switched to less than 4 years til retirement. Time is flying! 

I’m still working which kind of sucks. I was out of the full time workforce for most of the 90’s, while my kids grew, only working part time or no time. Which means I’m making up for lost time and padding my pension with each year of service. Two years ago when I started this blog I asked the question “Will I be Ready to Retire?” At the end of that post I wrote:
"I will explore what will make me happy. Now. And from there I won’t see retirement as something that has to have a final plan in place but an extension of my current life. I just won’t need the alarm clock to get me up each morning. Unless I want to get up early."
The same holds true two years later. Lately a few close to me have been dealing with illness or death. We can never predict how our life will unfold.

So, I’m doing what makes me happy now, because we don't know what tomorrow will bring.


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Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Happy belated birthday! 60? You? NO WAY! You look wonderful, and much MUCH younger than that. Sounds like you have a lovely time. Enjoy each day because we certainly don't know what tomorrow brings.

Sharkbytes said...

That is one FANCY tea! Happy Birthday.

Beth Ann said...

Sandy, you look absolutely beautiful!! Happy belated birthday. :-)

Darlin1 said...

I'm raising a toast to you Sandy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You are beautiful, inside and out.



Cheri said...

You look beautiful! And it sounds like you did some wonderful things to celebrate this special milestone. :-) This may sound hokey, but I treasure it, it was a little message my grandma had on her wall, "count your days by smiles not tears, count your life by friends not years". She was always so young in her positive approach to life, people thought she was always 20 years or more younger than she was. :-) I want to age like her.

Barbara Torris said...

Oh dear, don't wait until you are 80...celebrate that wonderful birthday now (or next year for sure). Life should not be delayed for benchmarks. I am having my husband's 80th birthday party next winter. He is not going to be 80 but we are not going to wait.

Best wishes.

b+ (retire in style blog)

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