Friday, May 18, 2018

Exploring Copenhagen by Bike

It was another beautiful sunny day in Copenhagen. We rented bikes from our hotel, $25 each for the day. Tim turned on his GPS tracker and it seems we did over 35 km from one end of the city to the other.

Copenhagen is a city of bikes. And bike lanes. We even experienced a bike jam during rush hour. There must have been 50 bikes lined up at the lights. It took a bit of quick learning to figure out when to cross and how to make left and right turns but we survived with only a bit of a sore butt.

There is a wheel lock and key on the bike. You just lock it, park it and off you go. With so many bikes, few lock it to a bike rack. It is rather unique. And so easy. Not many wear a helmut either but I guess that is just convenience.

Bike return at the end of the day.

Our first ride took us to the Little Mermaid statue on the waterfront near Langeline. We arrived just as the tour buses dropped off their first load of tourist. Of course they all had to climb next to the statue for pictures but I was able to get a good picture in between them switching places.

A short ride up the road, we stopped at the Gefion Fountain. Pretty setting beside a cute little church.

St. Alban Church

We then did a short walk around the Kastellet (Citadel) with armed soldiers patrolling the upper ramparts.

Back on the bikes we just headed west and somehow found the Round Tower or Rundetarrn. First we made a slight detour at the Pandora store where I picked out a "Book or Fairy Tales" Charm for my bracelet. And found out that Pandora is actually a Danish company. I didn't know that!

The Rundetarn ( is cool. It is a circular tower attached to a church with paving stones all the way to the top where you can view the city. There is an observatory on the top which is open in the evenings from October-March. Although not extremely challenging, if you aren't in ok shape, it is a bit of a climb. I loved it.

Inside sloping walkway looking up (above) and down (below).

A view from the top.

We had a huge breakfast at the hotel so decided to continue to see if my sister and her husband had arrived at their hotel. Off in the distance I saw the Radisson Blu and off we went on the bike. Seemed odd to have to cross the river. At one point we had to carry the bike up steps to the bridge but they have these rails that the tires of the bike fit in to make it easier to push up. A young guy even asked if I needed any help but I was good.

Alas we arrived at the hotel about 12:30 but no sign of my sister. We then decided to bike to the Carlsberg factory. When Tim plugged the coordinates into his GPS it showed we were somehow on the other side of the city. Asking at the desk, we found out there were 3 Radisson Blu hotels in the city and we were at the wrong one. About 3 km out of our way. But we headed out anyway, thinking we would lunch at the factory. But they had very little in the way of food-hamburgers, sausage-nothing appealed. We also decided not to take the tour as we had done numerous beer tours in other places. There were some nice architectural details though.

The entrance gates.

The Elephants at the second entrance.

By now we were hungry and on the way back found a cute little cafe for lunch. Of course I had to take pictures.

Goulash Soup with bread and a glass of wine. A make your own chicken club sandwich and a beer. All for a mere 240 DKK (about $49).

We were able to touch base with my sister, but given their jetlag decided to meet up later for dinner. We headed back to our hotel for a quick rest, then back on the bikes. Got a bit lost but finally found their hotel across from Tivoli park. They were famished but we found an all you can eat pizza buffet which fit the bill for all of us. Well the price this time wasn't too bad. About $20 each and that included beer for the two of them. The place was packed with a tour group of young people. Guess they got their money's worth.

Before bed we walked to Nyhavn to take some last night pictures.

The following day, our last day in Copenhagen we took a canal tour, walked the central district and visited Tivoli Gardens. A pretty place. Quite serene park in the middle of the city. There were games and rides-of course I'm not getting on those roller coasters. When it started to rain, we headed inside for dinner. Food was ok, just so expensive. We did find out that 25% tax is included in the price. We also leave about 10% gratuity. 

Canal Boat Cruise.

Hans Christian Anderson Statue

Tivoli Gardens

We board our Cruiseship, the Royal Princess tomorrow. Next stop Oslo. 

The adventure continues.

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