Friday, May 18, 2018

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen

OK, so that is the title of the hokey movie with Danny Kaye who mispronounced the name of Copenhagen or KĂžbenhavn. The "hag" is a long "a" as in hay or day or even hag (the witchy one).

This is the English pronunciation. I won't even attempt the Danish.

We arrived at the airport mid-morning and hopped on the train. But it was the wrong line. Very confusing signage even with some English thrown in. We ended up changing to the Metro a stop after Central Station (beside Tivoli Gardens) and only had a half km walk on a beautiful sunny day. Temperature was around 20C. We are staying at the Best Western Hotel City for 3 nights pre-cruise. It was quite a good deal with a free full breakfast each morning. A bonus in this expensive city.

Checking in we had a room. Yippee. It is so nice not having to wait around hours to check-in at 4. A quick feshen up and we set out to begin our exploration of Copenhagen. A block from our hotel we walked along the water heading for Nyhavn. It is the area of painted houses along a canal with many, many outdoor restaurants.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

We chose a table outside the Nyhavn C ( to watch the crowds pass by. First up were 2 Carlsbergs, the beer made in Copenhagen.

I chose the Shooting Stars Platter: Steamed and breaded fish, served on grilled bread with lettuce, shrimps, asparagus, caviar, eggs, and dressing.

              Me looking a bit jet-lagged.

Tim chose the 3 Herring lunch platter: Three kinds of delicious herring-curry herring, spicy herring, salt fried herring from Bornholm with beet roots, mustard and “soft”onions. Served with capers, egg and dill.
        Eaten half before we remembered to take a picture.

Both were really good. The bill came to 378 DKK and we rounded up to 400 (`$80). Not quite sure about the tipping policy. Currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone (DKK). Converting to Canadian: 5 DKK ~ $1CDN (divide price by 5).

Leaving the restaurant we walked along a few streets and then headed back to the hotel for some rest and relaxation after a long travel day/night. The streets are full of bikes and tomorrow we will rent a bike from our hotel and explore more of the city.

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